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Sodium isooctanol sulfate (liquid)

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Sodium isooctanol sulfate

Sulfuric acid mono (2-ethylhexyl) ester, sodium salt; Sodium isooctanol sulfate; Keywords sodium isooctyl sulfate; sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulfate; Sodium Edetate Sulfate; Sodium ethanesulfonate; Sodium ethylhexyl sulfate; TC-EHS

Sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulfate

[CAS No.] 126-92-1

[Molecular Formula] C8H17NaO4S

[Molecular Weight] 232.27

[Technical Indicators]


Quality indicators


Yellow transparent liquid, no impurities

Active matter,%


PH, 1% aqueous solution


Color, (20% aqueous solution) Hazen <


[Performance and Applications]

Is easy to dissolve in water, has good dispersibility, good compatibility with hard water and higher electrolyte stability. High temperature resistance, alkali resistance, excellent emulsification, foaming and hard water resistance, excellent permeability. It is an excellent emulsifier, penetrant, dispersant, degreaser and lubricant. It is suitable for neutral and alkaline media.It is often used in detergent, metal processing, electroplating, papermaking, photographic materials, plywood, polymer synthesis, textile, leather and other industries. Especially in the electroplating and washing liquid industry.

Low foam wetting agent for nickel plating; can be used as primary brightener, low foam wetting agent for nickel plating, and can be used for acid zinc or zinc alloy plating solution to improve the cloud point of the plating solution;In terms of cleaning liquids, they can be used as wetting agents in corresponding media, which can reduce the viscosity of surfactant mixtures, significantly improve the wetting penetration of liquid cleaning agents on hard surfaces, and promote the water solubility of dirt.

Increases wetting effect and reduces pitting and pinholes. Suitable for mechanical or air agitation. It is also stable in highly electrolytic systems or in the presence of chlorine donors, even in the presence of polyvalent cations, and is particularly suitable for the formulation of heavy duty alkaline detergents.

It has excellent solubility, stability and permeability in strong alkaline solution, and is used to manufacture anti-concentrated alkali refining agent and mercerizing penetrating agent for printing and dyeing pretreatment. In the aspect of emulsion synthesis, it is suitable for polymerization or copolymerization of emulsion system based on vinyl acetate, acrylate, vinyl acetate-acrylate, vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile, especially for the preparation of alkali-resistant acrylate polymer resin emulsion.


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